Past Performance
We have successfully completed  a variety of projects that are fully functional.

Past projects

HCN Labor Services Agreement - Novo Selo Bulgaria - 07 Dec 2012 – Present (DSG furnished all labor, materials, equipment, transportation, supervision, permits, supplies, freight, documentation, inspection, overhead and all other services necessary to provide Temporary Host Country National Labor Services at Novo Selo Training Area in Bulgaria. Currently DSG Bulgaria provides up to 250 employees at NSTA Bulgaria)

Laundry services for NSTA/FOS Bulgaria - 2013 Present (DSG Bulgaria furnished services consisting of pickup of laundry turned in and delivery of laundry that has been washed, dried, folded, and placed in the appropriate bag for return.)

Refuse Collection Services for NSTA – Bulgaria - February 2015 – Present (DSG furnished all labor and supervision necessary for the collection, transportation and disposal of all refuse materials.)

Office containers for Latvia, Estonia and Poland - 10-NOV-2016 through 01-MAR-2017 (DSG has delivered and installed at Adazi, Latvia; Tapa, Estonia and DPTA Poland Office Containers and associated equipment.)

Tent Erecting and O&M Services – Powidz, Poland - 8 May 2017 – Present (DSG performed installation and maintenance of government furnished equipment (tents, power generator, HVAC and associated equipment for a 1,000 - 1500 personnel LSA) at Powidz military installation – Poland.)

Life support and logistical services - Dolaszewo, Poland - 18-MAY-2018 through 09-JUNE-2018 (Contract for Life support and logistical services of 350 PAX, to provide services as accommodation areas, ablution units (showers and latrines), HVAC, refrigerated containers, fuel point, trash and trash removal, hazardous materials, grey water tank and removal. DSG provided all personnel, equipment, tools, materials, supervision, and other items and non- personal services necessary to perform the contracted services.)

Office workspace for MKAB, Romania - 20-SEPT-2018 through 10-APR-2019 (DSG has provided containerized workspace solution at MK Airbase, Romania.)

Turnkey Tent Services at Chievers, Belgium - 23 January 2019 through 15 February 2019 (DSG Has provided Fabric Structures for up to 400 PAX - Bunk Beds, Power Generation, HVAC/ECU (heat and cooling), Furnishings, Lighting, Flooring, Power Plugs, Maintenance and all other required equipment necessary to provide Temporary Housing.)

Turnkey Onsite Laundry Services Varpalota, Hungary - 24 February 2019 through 12 September 2019 (DSG Bulgaria furnished all services consisting of mobilizing, transport, complete site preparation, erect, install and demobilized Laundry facility, washers, dryers, generator, temporary power connections, and associated equipment.)

African Lion Base Support - BLS at Camp Rimmel, Tunisia - 11-MAR-2019 through 09-APR-2019 (Base life support of 150 PAX, including the provision of toilets, hand wash stations / sinks, showers, sleeping accommodations, power generation, fuel, lighting, HVAC, laundry wash/dry stations and services related to providing and maintaining these services during the contract period. DSG provided all personnel, equipment, tools, materials, supervision, and other items and non-personal services necessary to perform the contract.)

Tent Services at Mihail Kogalniceanu (MK) Airbase, Romania - 12 May 2019 through 31 August 2019 (Contract where DSG provided all labor, management, supervision, transportation, tools, material, equipment, fees, and incidentals required to provide two (2) Fabric Structure tent(s), to accommodate up to 500 PAX. Structures include, flooring and associated equipment, lighting, beds, HVAC and power outlets. This contract also includes provision of lights, HVAC and power generation for governmental facilities with capacity for 800 PAX.)